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Commercial Solar Energy

“We began to see that a solar array on our new roof would have a direct, positive impact on our people.”

–David Kelly, Kelly, Sparks MD

“Every dollar we save (with solar) is money that is available to help us accomplish our mission goals.”

– Gilman School, Baltimore MD

Solar Array With a New PV Roof System

A Baltimore County Business’ Story


Free solar consultation. We’ll discuss your energy use, review your roof using satellite imaging, and preprare a free, no-obligation estimate.


Custom solar system design. Our design experts will visit your home, complete your custom design, and handle all permitting and financial incentives.


Fast, Professional Installation. We handle all installation, electrical, inspections, and connect you to the grid. All you have to do is flip the switch!

Free Solar Power Evaluation

We’re lowering energy bills all over Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania & Delaware

When lifelong friends and Marylanders Tom Gaines and Hans Wittich started Solar Gaines back in 2009, they did so with a passion for improving energy consumption. They knew that solar could provide a cheaper and cleaner experience, so they wanted to create a company that it made it easier for consumers and businesses to adopt it.

Today our SolarGaines experts install solar panels, but they do a lot more. SolarGaines isn’t trying to be all things to all people. They have just one goal: Making solar the best energy choice all over Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Delaware.

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The sooner you go solar, the more you’ll save.

Solar Energy Savings ChartSolar is the new model for efficient energy generation for both consumers and businesses. Using a unique combination of government tax breaks, utility company incentives, favorable financing and state of the art technology, solar energy reduces both costs and your dependence on the old grid, all while providing you a far more affordable solution for meeting your energy needs.

  • Energy savings from day one, that increase over time
  • No money down financing, and no upfront costs
  • Benefit from government tax breaks and incentives
  • Add value to your home or building

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