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Is my building right for solar?

Solar is an ideal investment for an owner-occupied commercial building with unobstructed roof space. That’s because a solar array installed on a commercial building massively lowers or even eliminates electricity bills, provides SREC certificates that can be sold to produce cash on a short timeline, an accelerated depreciation schedule, tax credits that provide tax relief, and utility company incentives.

It’s a powerful suite of savings and cash that add up to a system that pays for it self in just three years and lowers electrical bills for 30 years.  All in all, it’s an investment that returns as much as 30% annually.

A solar array is right for most commercial buildings

The biggest worry that most commercial building owners express is the suitability of their roof.  In most cases, however, that concern is unfounded.  Number one, even a roof with ‘issues’ can be a good candidate for solar since roof repairs related to a solar installation might also be eligible for solar-related tax breaks (check with your accountant).

Number two, a solar installation is less obtrusive than you may imagine.  The weight of the system sits on a highly engineered system of brackets.  Finally, a solar array can actually protect a roof and prolong its life since the panels sit between the roof and the elements.