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Financial Advantages of Solar Energy

The profitable facts about solar

The many financial advantages of installing a solar system at your commercial building add up to a serious investment with nice returns compared to other typical investments, such as a CD or a bond.

First of all, the costs of purchasing a solar array are offset by the many government and utility company benefits.  These various incentives ensure that the cash that’s laid out for the system is usually returned in just 3 short years.  But there are major differences between an investment in solar in your commercial building and investing your available cash in CDs and bonds.

Here are a few:

  • CDs and bonds usually pay investors somewhere in the neighborhood of 4%.
  • The ongoing annual yield of a solar system is at least 9%, for a purchase without debt, and approximately more than 45% or more when a portion of the cost is funded with a loan.
  • Incentives also include SREC certificates that are earned from the utility company (which is obligated by law to generate a certain amount of its electricity from solar) and typically sold for cash by building owners
  • Federal tax credits
  • Accelerated depreciation schedule
  • State grants.
  • Lower or eliminated electricity bills for the next 30 years.
  • When you take all factors into consideration, solar is a special investment you don’t want to miss.