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Will Solar Panels Benefit My Commercial Business?

Solar Panels for Commercial BusinessAs your heating bill surges in winter and your cooling costs spike during the dog days of summer, cutting the expenses necessary for running your commercial business is a hot topic year round. When this happens it might be a good idea to take a look at a company like Simply Switch who can see if you are using the cheapest business energy provider. Oftentimes, discussions about operating a lean facility presumes that a commercial building will run on electricity drawn through the grid. This power is derived largely from non-renewable sources – coal, natural gas, and crude oil.

Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels might not be a business manager’s top priority of their day-to-day operations, but investing in alternative energy sources such as solar panels will inarguably produce significant cost and environmental benefits, as well as contribute to an impactful action in reducing your carbon footprint.

So what if we told you that such a reliable money-saving solution has been waiting outside your door all along?  Solar panels create free energy, but the panels themselves require an up-front investment.

Making decisions about capital improvements on energy can be boiled down to a basic return on investment analysis. When you are calculating the payback on your commercial business, you must determine the cost of your investment in renewable energy against predicted energy savings. Many users have reported that their systems paid for themselves within three years, however costs are rapidly dropping, and the exact figures are different in every individual situation. To get a full picture, you must account for all the elements in play like tax incentives and other incentives alongside the money saved on energy in order to fully appreciate all the ways solar panels pay for themselves.

When we predict savings, we assume that basic energy prices will be growing slowly over the next few years because the cost of fossil fuels overall has been increasing over time. Some sources of non-renewable energy, crude oil in particular, come from foreign sources and are not guaranteed to be as readily available now as in the near future. Relying on fossil fuels is a gamble, and moving to solar is like stepping away from the table.

Solar panels add value to your property and business. Solar energy is the ideal cost-saving strategy for owner-operators. If selling the building in which your business currently operates is in your five or ten-year plan, improving on your energy consuming practices is a great strategy because reducing operating expenses increases your net income and therefore the value of your business. Investing in renewable energy does double-duty, giving you real estate value and reducing utility costs at the same time. To a prospective commercial real estate buyer, a lower monthly operating bill will be a huge deciding factor between two otherwise comparable properties.

Power is a lifeblood of a company – necessary for keeping you in operation and for making your owner-operated facility comfortable to the people who come there to work and do business. Similarly, cutting costs is paramount to staying competitive in today’s economy. Seriously consider how adopting freely available energy will benefit your business, and you will be well on your way to soaking in the benefits of solar panels.

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