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Why SolarGaines?

Every day, our representatives and installers help people make smart and cost-effective energy choices so that they can take charge of their relationship with their power utility companies. More and more Americans are getting on board, both commercial property owners and homeowners alike. Once you decide you want to cut your energy bill and increase real estate value, choosing a solar energy company is the first step. Whether you’re seeking greater energy savings and/or environmentally friendly living, SolarGaines is your trusted provider of innovative solar products.  SolarGaines

Before anything, do not attempt to install solar panels yourself. Mounting and installing solar panels incorrectly will create new problems and will risk causing costly roof damage. A professional installer has the expertise and know-how with regards to the roofing and the electrical work, while giving you peace of mind. This is not a job for even the most skilled DIYers.

As a family company, we pride ourselves on our reputation and our competitive prices. We put our name above the door because we are completely confident in our ability to provide every new client with an excellent experience. We would not have such a vast portfolio of large-scale solar installations for corporations and school districts without first having established ourselves as the best solar energy contractors in Maryland.

The SolarGaines Process

Helping families and businesses thrive via renewable energy is our stock and trade. The team at SolarGaines works together to deliver a seamless solar experience, from your first contact to our post-installation follow-up, we’ve got it all covered to ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency for years to come. We are ready to answer any questions on all things solar, including how solar panels work, what tax incentives are available, and how you could go about setting up a shared solar system.

We understand that property owners want to proceed with absolute confidence. SolarGaines goes the extra mile to show you exactly what to expect from your solar energy panels over the next three decades. Thanks to years of reliable data, it’s simple to calculate energy production against loan payments in order to give you a reliable budget figure. All you have to do is request a free solar evaluation. Once you decide to go with SolarGaines, we waste no time in the planning and preparation of your solar installation (i.e. permits, space, positioning, etc.).

Banking on Renewables

Banks can offer great financing options, since the financial benefits of owning a solar energy array are well established as a wise investment. The financial service team at SolarGaines vetted dozens of bank products to find our customers the best loans for going solar. EmpowerLoan financing gets our clients ready to go solar sooner. Why save to purchase a solar array when you can have it installed and working for you now?

Why we love Empower Loan from Dividend Solar:

  • Simple application process saves time and hassle
  • An instant credit decision helps you to move forward with the project
  • Substantial credit limit ($50K) covers most residential installations
  • Make interest payments upfront, and then start to pay on the principal after 16 months once you have received your Tax Credit.

At SolarGaines, we appreciate every customer and put care into every job. Helping homeowners and local businesses to generate more money in their pockets and reduce dependence on fossil fuels motivates us to treat every new installation like our only customer. Going solar is a big step and we are glad to make our business in order to help people to go solar, one roof at a time.

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