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Why Solar

How Solar Works.

How Solar Power Works

Solar technology isn’t new.  People have been developing the idea of converting sunlight into electricity since the 1860s.  Today’s panels collect the sun’s energy and turn it into direct current (DC) electricity.  Your home or commercial building runs on AC electricity, so an inverter is installed along with your array to convert your electricity and make it useful.

In some cases this creates all the electricity you need or even generates a surplus. That will make your electric meter spin slower or even spin in the opposite direction.  The slower it goes, the more you are generating and the less you pay.  When it is going backwards you are actually selling the surplus electricity you generate back to the utility company.

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Benefits of solar.

The benefits of going solar are so numerous it’s hard to easily list them all.  The financial benefits alone are wide-ranging and most people are unaware of all the ways in which they save money on the purchase, on their taxes, and on their electric bill, let alone understanding the instant cash that can be generated from SREC certificates.  And of course the best benefit of all is what clean, renewable energy does for our planet.

The Benefits of Solar
Benefits of Solar Power

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