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The Benefits Of Buying Solar Panels With SolarGaines VS. The Big Stores

You’ve evaluated all the benefits of solar energy for your home or business, and you may have pondered buying solar panels at your local hardware store or installing them yourself. Whether you choose this route, or to hire a professional solar company, both will have major consequences for the rest of your installation, not to mention, your entire solar experience. buying solar panels with solargaines

Quality, people, the environment, and the future

That’s what SolarGaines is about, and our work speaks for itself. Trail-blazed by Founders Tom Gaines and Hans Wittich, their combined track record of 50 years in both construction and solar energy has led up to SolarGaines’ predominant standing in the industry as a reputable Baltimore-based solar energy contractor.

With over 800 solar installations in residential and commercial solar installation projects, we pride ourselves on our exceptional team in the field of innovative solar technology and know-how to bring our customers a turnkey solution customized to meet their needs. Additionally, we wear our hassle-free process like a badge of honor, helping our new solar customers every step of the way.

The benefits of buying solar panels with SolarGaines

Such a big financial decision for your home or business will undoubtedly be based on the best solar option that will bring you the greatest financial benefit.

  • We take care of everything; estimates, design, engineering, paperwork, permits, project management, installation, post-installation follow-up, application for incentives, etc…
  • Our financial service team makes it easier and faster to find the best loans for your installation.
  • You can feel confident that our process will give you peace of mind. We determine how much solar energy is needed or possible and facilitate the permitting process.
  • Access to higher quality materials from our distributors that aren’t sold in the big stores.
  • 25-year performance warranty that guarantees efficient power production for decades to come.
  • We take care of our customers from start to finish, and we offer competitive prices.

What you get when you buy solar panels from the big stores

Installation expenses can be a factor for an average homeowner looking to go solar. It’s easy to buy solar panels at the big stores, but this method isn’t without its challenges.

  • DIY solar panels involve a complex setup and process which can be risky and extremely dangerous. An incorrect installation can end up costing you more than you bargained for.
  • Connecting a solar array to the grid requires the correct permits and sign-off from a professional. Utility companies often deny a system to be turned on without the proper requirements.
  • Essential parts are not included with your purchase: wiring, conduit, tracking mounts, AC/DC inverters, mounting equipment, etc…
  • Lower efficiency and less power production than equipment that comes from a reputable solar provider. 

Make life easier and go solar with a full-service solar company

When you consider the risks and headache of buying and managing solar panels yourself to save in upfront cost, it isn’t worth missing out on the lifetime value and benefits accompanied with your trusted solar company. We can get you the solar panel efficiency you deserve and save you from costly errors.

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