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Spotlight: Why These Companies Decided To Go Solar With SolarGaines

Commercial property owners are increasingly adopting solar power as a renewable source of electricity. The word is spreading that investing in a solar installation is a win-win energy solution from every angle. We speak to business owners every day who are interested in exploring the benefits of going solar and who are looking to get more with less without making any overly risky moves. So, we would like to introduce you to two customers whose experience represents what you can expect when switching to solar with SolarGaines.Go Solar

David Kelly of Kelly Benefit Strategies understands that a lot rides on the legacy of a family business, which carries your name. His payroll and benefit company occupies a building with a large flat roof free from nearby obstruction, an ideal site for getting great exposure. After having a professional solar evaluation, David and his team had enough information about cost and regional solar output to predict how the project would pan out.

David’s decision to go solar was as much of a business strategy initiative as it was environmental. The solar installation process necessitated an investment of at least $1 million for the commercial property but, David and his team had confidence the system would pay for itself in just three years. This payoff is a combination of:

  • Big savings on energy bills – many solar array owners provide for all or most of their power needs.
  • Tax incentives – Tax credit equal to 30% of the whole investment and can be carried forward over three years. The full solar energy tax credit is valid through 2019, decreasing to 10% by 2022. Additionally, The owner can take advantage of Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery (MACRs) depreciation providing additional tax benefits.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates –sellable credits awarded for producing clean energy.

For the folks at Kelly, learning about the installation process firsthand assuaged concerns about making changes to the building, which included any modifications that could be damaging to the infrastructure. SolarGaines operates on a fully transparent and step-by-step process that quickly gained David’s trust as the transition proved seamless and thorough. He now states, “Those fears that I had were unfounded.” Check out our profile piece to hear more from David.

Alco Doors is a fourth generation lumber and door company. When we last spoke to CEO Howard Farbman, he told us his last electric bill was $25! Howard along with his brothers, Jack and Douglas, operate their family’s lumberyard and shop. Milling wood and manufacturing entryways uses up a great deal of power, so the Farbman family had a lot to gain by ending their dependence on costly fossil fuels. Here’s a few highlights from Alco Doors’ solar installation experience:

  • Return on investment – A 20% ROI rate was unheard of for capital improvement before renewable energy.
  • Fast exterior installation – SolarGaines installed Alco’s 240 panels in a week.
  • Non-intrusive contractors – the installation did not interfere with operations.

Saving on electricity is a big deal for a manufacturing shop. But regardless of what your business does, you will have a hard time justifying staying dependent on fossil fuels after learning how feasible it is to go solar. Your company can count on the same hassle-free experience for harnessing the amazing power of solar energy when you choose SolarGaines.

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