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What These SolarGaines Customers Have To Say Will Make You Want To Go Solar Too

Regardless of industry, experienced service providers understand their clients’ needs, motivations and expectations. SolarGaines representatives are no exception. Our team has talked with every kind of property owner and stays closely connected to potential customers to answer their questions. SolarGaines customers

While installation scenarios are different for individual properties, people who actively seek solar share common questions and similar reactions to learning about the important benefits. We take our customers’ feedback to heart, and nothing thrills us more than a happy solar-powered customer! Here’s what some of them had to say.

Instant Gratification
“The first couple of months we had our system our electricity bill came in at zero.”
The focus of every conversation between a prospective customer and a SolarGaines rep involves the financial benefits of going solar and long-term benchmarks; prospects anticipate a tax credit equal to 30% of the investment on their federal taxes. Next, customers look forward to recouping the original purchase costs. Long-term gains to consider are total expected energy production and added real estate value. On top of that, they factor in the sale of anticipated solar renewable energy certificates.

Between our mortgages, retirement savings, and time invested into building our careers, we are used to waiting for long-term payoff. The same goes for talking about going solar. It’s natural to be excited about the return on investment, but don’t lose sight of the very real feeling you will have when you open the first electricity bill!

Take “Charge” Of Your Power Source
“We began to see that a solar array on our new roof would have a direct, positive impact on our people.”
New solar array owners do not take very long to see changes to the bottom line. Cash savings in the form of lower electricity bills begin the instant installers hook up the system. Having more money to work with every month makes a big difference in your regular operations. This is especially true of small to medium businesses and residential solar customers.

Do More
“Every dollar we save (with solar) is money that is available to help us accomplish our mission goals.”
Many property owners worry about how rising non-renewable costs will affect their budget. Solar power alleviates that uncertainty mitigating your dependence on fossil fuels. Knowing that you will have more cash in the bank every month lets you do more, whether you’re a homeowner or run a large business. Investing back into your workforce, marketing, innovation, or expansion will serve you and your employees better than spending that money on coal, oil, or natural gas.

Go Solar With Confidence
“We shopped it around. We spoke to about four companies. And then we chose SolarGaines.”
Whether you’ve been a property owner for decades or weeks, you know how to tell the good from the bad. Superior customer experience speaks to an overall commitment about quality. One report found that 75% of customers believe customer service reflects value placed on customers. Our responsiveness and attention to detail separate SolarGaines from ordinary solar contractors.

Freedom from fossil fuels is a decision that has both qualitative and quantitative benefits. Experience for yourself the marvel of converting your property to solar energy with SolarGaines, and you’ll be raving too!

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