Solar Power: The Smart Investment for Owner Occupied Buildings

Generate investment returns, save on operating costs and protect your business from rising energy costs with SolarGaines.

50kW-Laurel-MD2SolarGaines provides commercial energy solutions that help businesses of any size reduce their fixed energy costs. Our Turn-key service provides your business with a solar energy solution that’s custom designed,installed, and monitored by a single provider so you can stay focused on running your business.

Solar power from SolarGaines is the capital improvement option for your property that provides a rapid payback and attractive total return.

  • Enjoy rapid paybacks in about 3 years and investment returns greater than 20%
  • Benefit from Federal tax credits, accelerated depreciation and SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates)
  • Avoid electric rate increases and reduce operating expenses
  • Increase net income and enterprise value for your business

The End-to-End Solution to Control Energy Costs and earn an attractive return on investment

SolarGaines makes it easy for your business to invest in reliable, sustainable solar energy. As one of the leading solar providers in Maryland, DC and Virginia, our in-house team will take care of your project from start to finish.


Project Planning & Design

SolarGaines provides comprehensive planning and design of your system, and guarantee your satisfaction once completed. Our experienced team has worked with a wide range of site conditions, budgets, and manufactures, providing a customized approach to each project that ensures the best system the delivers the highest return on your investment.

Consider Financing

While the economics of a direct purchase of a solar system are very attractive, customers who borrow a portion of all of the project cost can generate extremely compelling investment returns. With a 20% down payment, and after capturing the accelerated depreciation benefits over the first 5 years, customers are projecting ongoing annual returns on their original deposit of greater than 60% for 20 years or more!

Learn how much your business can save

It’s more than ‘going green’. Solar power offers some of the highest returns of any capital improvement you can make.

Our site evaluation and plan will breakdown the costs and savings you should expect from adding solar to your current building. Contact us online or call us at 410-785-1760 for a free solar evaluation.


**Financial analysis assumes standard installation and availability of credits and grants. Financial estimates for SREC value and electricity savings based on current market conditions and subject to change. Contact Solar Gaines for more details and to learn more about solar panel costs.