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Is My Home Right for Solar Array?

Early on in our evaluation process we help homeowners determine whether their house is appropriate for a solar array.

Homeowners who would like to have solar sometimes worry about their property’s exposure to the sun, the age or condition of their roof, the direction their roof faces, and a variety of other factors. The good news is that most of these factors rarely if ever cause a problem.


Shading can be a significant issue, but it is regularly mitigated by strategic tree trimming and arbor work.

Roof Condition

The most common worry, roof condition and age, is in fact rarely a problem.  Installing a solar system is far less invasive then most people understand.  The panels sit on racks and the racks are designed so that there are very few punctures required to install.  As to the general condition of the roof, a solar installation actually helps prolong roof life since the panels sit above the traditional roofing materials and actually provide protection from the elements.

Even if work is required to install the panels, this can sometimes be good news since any funds expended to improve the roof for the sake of making a solar installation viable may also be eligible for tax credits and other Solar-based financial incentives.  Talk to your tax professional.

Solar Panels on Roof
Is my location good for Solar Power?

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