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The SolarGaines Process

The SolarGaines process draws on our decades of construction experience to provide you both the essence of simplicity and thorough attention to detail. The goal is a high-quality result you can follow and understand every step of the way.

From first phone call to delivery and beyond, you’ll appreciate the fact that we’ve made the process of going solar a state-of-the-art science.

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How much does a residential solar panel installation cost?

Costs of Solar

Whatever you think the cost of installing a solar array at your home is, it’s probably a lot less than that. Government tax credits and SREC certificates, plus utility company incentives and favorable financing all make owning your solar system surprisingly affordable.

Add on to all of that the fact that you’ll generate your own clean electricity that greatly reduces or eliminates your electricity bills for the next 25 years, and you have more than a home improvement, you have a serious investment in your future.

The Cost of Solar

Is your home right for solar?

Most Mid-Atlantic homes are well suited for solar panels. Here’s why: Our region is sunny with a climate that facilitates solar-electric generation. Except in the most extreme cases, shading is rarely a problem. Well-planned arbor work can sometimes open paths to the sun even when shading is an issue. Roofs with southern exposures are best for solar panels, but roofs facing in other directions can also yield good results.

In some cases, a roof is not even the preferable place for a solar array. The best way to determine whether your roof or yard right for a solar array is to fill out this form and set an appointment with one of our trained professionals.

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Is my home right for solar?

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