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David Kelly looked at the expansive, flat roof of his company’s new signature headquarters building in Sparks, Maryland and he saw an opportunity to do some good.

That’s not unusual for Kelly or KELLY, the business he runs with his three brothers and his parents.

KELLY, the company, is in “The business of better.” It helps enterprises run at optimal levels by providing intelligent advice about complex employee benefits issues. And it helps individuals work without worry, providing them protection for their health, lives and families.

“Basically,” he said, “we help companies attract great people by providing excellent benefits to them. In the process our advisors help them overcome many issues such as overhead, taxes, privacy, employee education, service and more. We’re selling and servicing insurance, but we feel like we are really providing peace of mind, helping people protect their health, families and lives. We know how much that means to people and employers alike.”

Needless to say the company enjoys doing well by also doing good things.

And that’s where the roof comes back in.

“Everyone knows how adversely our environment is being affected by the growing need for power,” Kelly said. “As a company we have a zeal to be a part of the solution and we like that, of course,” Kelly said. “But the fact is in consulting with SolarGaines we began to see that installing a solar array on our new roof would have a direct, positive impact on the people who work for us.

“First of all, we came to understand that our new system would pay for itself in just three years,” he said. “the combination of tax incentives, SRECs (energy certificates that are sold for cash), free electricity and other incentives and made us realize that we had an excellent investment that would make our company even stronger for our employees and clients.”

The business of better, it seems, includes a better way to generate electricity with the sun.