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How Long Will A Solar Panel Install Take?

Going solar means benefitting from immediate electricity bill savings while harnessing clean energy to generate all of a home’s or business’ electrical needs. A solar panel installation is a process, from finding certified solar installers, to getting a consultation and assessment, to the day of panel install

Contrary to misconceptions, installing solar panels is actually simple and quick. The installation takes only 2-3 days before your panels are up and running on your roof. And the best part? Everything is taken care of for you! This five-step guide is all it takes to switch to solar.


Once you’ve contacted a solar panel installation company, information and description about your property including the fundamentals of your electricity bills will be collected to determine the best course of action.

Site evaluation

A visit to your property is essential in evaluating such components like the electrical status of your home, the best location for optimum sun exposure, the roof’s condition, and measurements. At this point, you will be informed of the cost for a solar panel system and installation as well as your potential ROI.

Design and proposal stages

The installation company will design a system that meets your needs and budget. Get ready to carefully review their proposal of the design specifications so that any questions or concerns can be relayed to them before you sign off. This is the best time to make any modifications to your system design.

Permits, paperwork, and applying for incentives

Luckily, your installer takes care of the behind-the-scenes details that make your installation happen. The company will place orders with their vendors, work through the permit process and interconnection process with utility company. It’s possible to run into delays that can affect the time frame of the process. These factors can depend on the time it takes to acquire permits before installation may begin, and whether a project has unusual specifications. During this step, you can follow up with your installer on the progress of your paperwork. SolarGaines handles the permitting process for you, and we assist with the application for federal, state, and local incentives.

Installation: the big day

On installation day, there will be nothing required of you. Depending on the size of the array, the actual installation is a few days. The final step is with your utility company who, by law, must set up your net meter in a timely manner for your interconnection to go live. Once you’re officially switched on, that’s when you can start dramatically reducing the running costs of your property for the next 25 years or more.

Thanks to advanced technology, modern PV systems are engineered for easy interconnection. A project from start to finish, which factors in the logistical paperwork and getting your system commissioned, could take 4-6 weeks – and it’s worth the wait, as you’ll start reaping all the benefits immediately. Find out how much you can save with solar with a free, no pressure evaluation with SolarGaines, serving homeowners and businesses in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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