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How do solar panels affect your roof?

Residential Solar EnergyA typical concern for people considering a solar panel installation is how solar panel may affect the roof. Will my type of roof work with solar panels? Can the roof support the weight of a solar panel system? Will a solar panel system damage cause any damage to my roof? Will the solar panel mounts cause the roof to leak? Should I replace my roof before I install a solar panel system?

While these concerns are understandable, the reality is that as long as your solar panel installers follow industry best practices, your roof should maintain it’s pre-installation integrity.

How are solar panels attached to my roof?

The method they are attached depends on the type of roof, but as long as you have the space, solar panel systems can be installed on just about any roof type. Most common — composite shingle roofs — can be attached by using some Rooftop Supports and then using some bolting mounts to your roof rafters. The next step is attaching the rails to the mounts.

Installers will then add long-lasting sealants into and around the mounts to fill all gaps. Often these mounts are surrounded by metal flashing covers that provide an additional water-proof barrier. After that, rails are then secured to the mounts and the panels are then securely fastened to the rails.

Choose the right solar installation company

Some solar installers treat the roof mounting as an after-thought and do not have the experience to understand the requirements to of each roof type. Is your roof metal? Asphalt or wood shingles? Tile or slate? Be sure to ask your installer if they have experience with your roof type. Also, ask for examples of other projects they’ve completed, and request references from home or building owners with similar installations as yours.

With proper planning, design and installation, your solar panel system and your roof should last for many years to come.

Finally, be sure you hire an authorized installer that follows the proper procedures while installing your system. Also make sure your installer guarantees the installation, and support any issues that may arise in the future that are directly related to the solar panel installation.