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What Are The Differences For A Solar Panel Size And Why Does It Matter?

You might have noticed the growing number of solar arrays on the roofs of homes and commercial buildings and observed their solar panel size. Perhaps you’re wondering what size is commonly used in an installation. If you’re thinking about greening your estate to cash in on solar savings, rebates, and incentives, the first step in your research is to determine whether your roof is right for a solar panel installation and then go into the details of an installation process. It’s simpler than you think! solar panel sizes

Average Solar Panel Size

Solar energy technology has dropped to an unprecedented low across the US, between $2.87 and $3.85 per watt, which is 9% lower than it was a year ago, according to EnergySage. The US average size for a solar system is 5kW (5000 watts), which typically is comprised of multiple solar panels that measure 65 inches by 40 inches as the standard “60 cell” format. For larger-scale solar projects like commercial, the standard is “72 cell” format panels close to 6.5 feet long at the same width.

How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh?

If you’re concerned about whether your roof can support a full installation, rest assured that the average weight, totaling the panels, racking, and hardware, is within the safety limits of your roof. The distributed load of solar panels on a roof is approximately 2Ibs/sq. ft. A commercial solar project is different from residential, both in solar panel size and technique. The physical dimensions of commercial solar panels are slightly larger, as mentioned. Also, Since most commercial properties have flat rooftops, a ballasted racking system (non-penetrating) is the preferred method because it’s less invasive and saves time on installation, although it does add some weight to the distributed load. To view a prime example of commercial solar panels, also known as the largest community solar installation on a DC property, click here.

The Right Sizing Of Solar Application For Any Budget

Solar technology has truly come a long way, from continuous improvements in solar panel efficiency and staggering low prices, even beating out its non-renewable counterparts, down to its rapid growth across the US in the past decade. Your investment will rake in long-term rewards and savings by installing a cost-effective system that’s right for your roof. By consulting with a professional solar installer, a free evaluation will cover everything you’ll need to know about your solar project:

  • Solar panel size for your roof structure
  • Installation cost
  • Expected energy production determined by calculating your energy needs
  • Financing options and warranties
  • Your overall return on investment for the life of your system

Your confidence in your solar PV system is knowing that its customized system design is fully apt to meet the specific needs of a property and its rightful owner. So whether your reason for going solar is a lifestyle choice to reduce your carbon footprint in this changing climate, or to get significant financial returns and create big savings, all it takes is finding out if you’re a good candidate for solar before you can enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer. Why not start today?

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