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Why This DC Solar Installer Is Better Than Its Competitors

In the last decade, America has eagerly warmed up to solar power as an alternative source of electricity, and for good reason. It’s simple, accessible, and cheap. As the nation’s capital is raising the roof with its clean energy initiatives driven by strong Renewable Portfolio Standard laws and great solar incentives, more and more homeowners and businesses are actively seeking to break free from the world’s growing problem that is fossil fuels. Which brings us to a very important topic; your solar installation. The right DC solar installer should deliver absolute quality: DC Solar Install

  • top-tier solar panel energy efficiency to maximize use and bill savings;
  • competitive offers and prices;
  • experience with wide variety of installation types;
  • and outstanding customer experience to meet your specific needs so you can go solar with confidence

As a major DC solar installer since 2009 with over 800 installations and a 30-year track record in commercial construction, here’s how SolarGaines is making their unique mark in solar innovation.

DC’s first community solar project raises the green bar

The largest solar installation on DC commercial property broke new ground on a community-wide scale. The law firm Nixon Peabody, who hired SolarGaines as their design/installation expert, realized the first-of-its-kind project — installing rooftop solar panels on three DC commercial buildings, resulting in a combined power capacity of 180 kW. The firm’s solar array will see a return on their investment through the sale of renewable energy credits and loan. Their sustainability efforts also had local residents in mind. In its novel plan, their mission aimed to think outside of the box for the development of a system design and engineering to boost their bottom line:

  • The firm will use the energy credits generated from the system to help about 100 low-income residents, resulting in lower monthly electricity bills.
  • Boost office sustainability and use less energy for the 30-year lifespan of the system.
  • To help combat energy poverty.
  • Bring economic savings, community support, and environmental sustainability.

By taking the reigns in these modern times of renewable energy solutions, Nixon Peabody hopes its leadership in implementing green building technologies will be echoed by other organizations whose roof spaces can be the groundwork for providing a multitude of benefits to the community and environment.

The SolarGaines process delivers a solar installation in 2-3 days —it’s easy and hassle-free

Did you know that the US ranks fifth as a global leader in solar energy, with a solar PV system being installed on a rooftop every 4 minutes? If you want to join the solar revolution and showcase your exemplary efforts in cutting down energy expenses, no other DC solar installer has a deeper bench of well-connected and reputable industry experts like SolarGaines. It’s simple — our first step is to provide you with a free evaluation. From there, you’ll be guided on a solar journey customized specifically for you. Your home or business can spearhead a major green investment that will ignite economic and environmental benefits for decades to come.

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