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Is my building right for solar?

Solar panel installation for commercial properties can add great value, especially for those who own the commercial building that their business occupies. That’s because you’ll enjoy greatly reduced electric bills, as well as tax incentives, an accelerated depreciation schedule, and SREC certificates that can be sold to generate cash. Because of the high percentage of annual return, solar is an outstanding business investment.

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Why SolarGaines means business

SolarGaines is popular with business owners who occupy their own commercial property in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC for one reason: We handle everything. We start with auditing your site to discover all of its unique complexities and end by monitoring and maintaining your system for years into the future. In between we design your system, handle all the permitting, install the array, inspect all work, and handle all aspects of interconnection with your local utility. Our whole diverse team of solar experts is involved to make sure you benefit from every advantage a well-installed solar array can provide you.

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Financial Advantages

Commercial Solar Costs

There are many reasons why solar on a commercial building is far more affordable than you may think. In fact, it is an investment of capital that can return more than 40% annually. More than that, it has positive tax implications, decreased dependence on utility company rate increases, and predicable operating cost benefits.

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Commercial Clients

SolarGaines clients represent a variety of well-known companies and industries in the Baltimore area, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia.  Our solar panel installations for commercial properties help businesses perform better by permanently lowering overhead and by freeing up cash.  Find some of the commercial properties where we have installed solar systems.

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