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Can’t Fit Solar Panels, What About A Ground-Mount Array?

Most solar PV installations you’ll come across on residential and commercial properties are strategically placed on the roof. While this method of install is most common and aesthetically-pleasing as it saves property space, not every rooftop or infrastructure is cut out for a rooftop solar array. And that’s perfectly fine. In this case, a ground-mount array is your best option. ground-mount array

Not all roofs are created equal

An experienced solar company sees no challenges, just different approaches in execution. Your roof will play a very large part in the success of your investment, and so strict guidelines are exercised in order to identify whether a roof is a good fit for solar.  Following a site evaluation and a veritable estimate on how much free electricity your system will generate, the viability of your system will depend on a number of deciding factors.

A professional solar installer will examine:

  • Angle and orientation: Ideally your roof should face south for maximum sun exposure, resulting in ultimate energy production. A ground-mount array allows for flexibility in a clear area without shade and a perfect view of the sun.
  • Roof space. Though uncommon, system size can be limited by the space available. The size of your system is contingent on your usage needs and the amount of energy you want to offset. Ground mounting is not restricted by size as it’s placed wherever the conditions are optimal for you to enjoy all of the economic benefits associated with solar energy production.
  • Solar installers are experts at working with special roof characteristics such as a chimney, skylight, or even slate roofs. In contrast, ground-mounted systems are very easy to place, access, and can generate more electricity than a comparably-sized roof system because they’re set at a specific angle to capture maximum sun exposure.

Ground-mount array is just as easy and cost-effective

A rooftop installation is a common feat among most homeowners and buildings, but don’t be so quick to pass up the comparable opportunities that a ground mounted system can bring you.

Thankfully, many installers offer this option. The cost is generally on par with rooftop solar on a per-watt basis. A ground-mount array can be sized to meet your consumption needs, which is especially befitting for homeowners whose roof sizes may not be big enough to accommodate a solar array. And what’s more is that you can decide for yourself on its configuration.

There’s no more dollars to waste on your electricity bills when the cost of going solar is at its cheapest thanks to federal, state and local rebates and a 30% tax credit to further reduce the upfront cost of your system. Keep in mind that the savings you receive from your slashed electricity bills is proof that at no other time in history has there been a more opportune time to affordably generate your own electricity. Chat with us to learn how a ground-mount array can make your property shine brighter!

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