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Solar Panel Warranties That Are Available

Performance is the decisive factor in capping the return on your investment when you capitalize on solar energy. Like any smart technology, solar panels come with a warranty in case of unanticipated disruptions. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you will enjoy the many benefits of solar energy effortlessly for years! But, it’s definitely worth your time to learn what’s covered and for how long in a solar panel warranty.  solar panel warranties

Similar to a product warranty received with your purchase of a television, iPad, or computer, solar panel warranties work a little differently.

A solar panel has two warranties: performance and product

  1. Performance warranty falls under a standard warranty and typically guarantees 80%-90% electricity production at the end of 25 years. It’s worth noting that the amount of electricity a panel produces declines 0.7% on average a year, whereas high-quality panels lose their power output capacity to degradation at a slower rate. In other words, this type of warranty guarantees that the panels won’t lose more than 10%-20% of their power output capacity. Product warranty covers workmanship of the physical product, and those generally are for 5-10 years.
  2. Inverter warranty generally lasts 5-10 years. The inverter is a very important component to your solar energy system,. This warranty covers the integrity of the inverter itself, including problems caused by manufacturing defects, environmental impacts, premature wear and tear, etc. That means the manufacturer will repair, replace, or give a refund for any inverter that fails. Some manufacturers will extend their warranty periods, an option that is definitely advantageous to you.

Many solar installers offer a warranty on workmanship

Going solar is a smart decision and a big investment. As such, a solar installer that provides a warranty on workmanship ─ to protect you from labor-related defects from the actual installation process ─ is a sure sign that they uphold high standards in their work, both in design and installation. Panels installed on your roof are typically covered by your installer’s warranty, and it’s worth noting that properly installed panels will not void any existing warranty. When choosing an installer, however, make sure you choose one that:

  • is reputable and will stick around for a long time
  • offers a good warranty coverage
  • is ready to facilitate between you and the manufacturer if there ever is a warranty claim

Bottom line

Solar panels life expectancy is 30 years or more. But, as one of the most important factors to consider before making your purchasing decision, you need to cover all of your bases with a good warranty. So in the event of failure or poor performance, understanding the type of warranty coverage will save you from any pricey surprises in the long run.

Make sure to pepper your salesperson with every question you have when evaluating and comparing warranty coverage so that you walk away beaming with enough solar knowledge to make a final decision!

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