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5 Reasons Why Commercial Property Owners Should Get a Solar Evaluation

Solar evaluationIf you’re looking for a way to show management that you have the company’s future in mind, think outside the box. In this case, the answer is outside of your building, or rather above it! Solar energy is making ground as a win-win project for businesses. Commercial property owners can take on a whole new revenue stream by adopting renewable energy.

Getting the project started with a solar evaluation makes the rest of your planning simple. Once you have all of the facts, the decision about whether or not to go solar is easy.

What is a solar evaluation? It is much more than a project estimate. The representative in charge of your solar evaluation provides you with hard facts about how collecting solar energy will affect your bottom line. They understand your position and are available to answer all your questions. Consulting with an expert about your property’s prospects for solar energy is a great idea for several reasons.

  1. Know Your Potential

You can research estimates for costs, but only an on-site expert can assess the property’s potential income from a solar photovoltaic array. The evaluator will examine how location and pitch of the roof affect the full potential of the sun, with considerations for shade from trees and surrounding buildings. Your custom evaluation will have quantifiable information about expected electricity production at your location along with the financial analysis to determine your return on investment

  1. Thinking Big Enough

A solar evaluation helps you to decide on the right size solar array. Get a quote for enough panels to offset most or all of your energy costs, and see how long until it’s paid off. If your business has ample grounds or a big roof, you’ll discover your full potential for profitable energy production.

  1. Ready, Set, Solar

Perhaps contractors learned the hard way to make sure the building is sound before trucking in panels and their supports. Solar panels aren’t heavy; they weigh about the same as a layer of shingles. However contractors would be remiss if they installed an array on a less than stable roof. Let a professional assess your roof along with any necessary repairs; it isn’t a roadblock, just another part of your renewable energy readiness process.

  1. Put Other Projects Into Perspective

Are you considering other capital improvements to the property? Re-investments are necessary for keeping the business running and the facility looking professional, but the gains from most renovations are temporary. A solar panel installation is one of the few property improvements that is not a sunk cost, it is an investment that pays you a return!

The order in which you choose projects can determine how much capital is available for the next one. Compare the expected outcome against a solar evaluation, and everyone at the table will agree that investing in clean energy will allow for more improvements in the future.

  1. Diminish Down-Time

Timing is the lynchpin of all major projects, including a solar panel installation. Solar contractors are considerate of your downtime. A solar evaluation is an essential step for planning a realistic timeline considering:

  • Design and permitting
  • Delivery time for materials
  • Logistics for trucking in components
  • Space for assembling the array
  • Physical on site installation

Your company has a lot riding on their next capital improvement project. Arranging a solar evaluation will help upper management make informed decisions and prepare for a smooth installation.

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