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10 Giant Companies Who Are Enjoying The Benefits Of Solar Energy

If you think solar panels are just a PR move for companies to get good press, there’s a lot more to it. Solar means business for companies that want to cut their electricity bills by half and boost their bottom line. Meeting corporate sustainability goals by switching to solar energy is now more affordable than ever and not to mention, producing your own electricity increases net operating income.

Companies that use solarCompanies with new solar arrays know green energy is a superior practical choice in which benefits begin immediately. Once the installation takes place, companies rely substantially far less on the grid, generate savings and if owned outright, earn valuable solar renewable energy credits they sell for cash. Once the system is paid off, return on investment kicks into overdrive.

Going solar adds another dimension of bottom line improvement to a commercial property. Next time you’re shopping at your favorite big box store, look for signs of an eco-minded facility. Skylights and LED bulbs indicate the facility is mercilessly slashing wasteful spending on utilities. These forward-thinking companies are really onto something. Big companies that go solar can affect huge changes both to their immediate stakeholders and the world.

Here are America’s top companies using solar energy, ranked by maximum power potential measured in megawatts.

Corporate Solar Users
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These leading producers began with ideal conditions for solar farming: unused roof space, capital, and the desire to improve operating efficiencies by managing bottom line. Even if those same conditions do not apply to your business, you can still find ways to make the benefits of solar energy work for your company. Tech companies that work “in the cloud” or other corporations that do not have the space to house a large array can still go solar. Offsite arrays are a good investment for any company, and owner-operators with property connected to others can take inspiration from community solar projects.

Once a big corporation realizes all of the creative ways to leverage the benefits of solar energy, there is little stopping them from expanding. IKEA, the iconic Swedish furniture and housewares producer, has discovered the potential for solar and installed solar arrays in over 90% of its retail locations. If Target can overtake Walmart in production, you can make room for your company in the green energy game, too.

The competition to be the top solar producer is becoming stiffer as more and more businesses have become turned on to the benefits of solar energy. Watch next year’s reports for newcomers like online retail giant Amazon to make great strides, giving these corporations a run for their money! Expect to start seeing solar panels on top of every retail space, storage facility, and factory within the next few years.

Going green isn’t just a good feeling; reducing pollution is one of the many quantifiable benefits of solar energy. Investing in cleaner surroundings is directly correlated to a community that lives longer and spends less on healthcare. These giant companies generate 1.5 million MWh annually, sparing our environment from 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, according to the SEIA’s Solar Means Business 2016 report.

Leveraging existing unused space has worked wonders for these ten green energy giants. Why not go in with the in-crowd and start reaping the benefits of solar energy this year? Get a professional solar evaluation and it won’t be hard to picture your company’s name on a top-producer list!

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